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Make your work easier!
Download free CETRIS basic data for designing and for realization with all the necessary information about CETRIS incl . CAD details.

Certificates and Partners

New publication - Technical manual for architects, designers and manufacturers

We would like to introduce a new publication Technical manual for architects, designers and manufacturers.
The publication contains all the necessary information regarding the cement bonded particleboards CETRIS including CAD details.

The publication can be downloaded here, or sent by post FREE OF CHARGE.
Please contact our export department on tel.: +420 724 328 527, or e-mail:

Electronic CETRIS catalogue for ArchiCAD (BIM)

To facilitate your work, we have prepared a complete range of our products processed in the form of an electronic catalog of 3D objects with programmed parameters and functions. These libraries allow you very effective use in project of used elements, and greatly facilitate your work of the creation of accurate reporting. Everything is free of course.

BIM - Building Information Modeling is the designing in terms of creating a virtual building model, which is then "filled" with information.

CETRIS electronic catalogue can be downloaded here ...

Anti-graffiti protection of facades made of CETRIS cement bonded particleboard

Are you afraid that your facade might be damaged by spray of felt tip pens? This can be avoided by using anti-graffiti (anti-spray) protection.

The facade board is provided with a special transparent one-component protective paint - the appearance of the treated area hardly changes once the paint has been applied.

The created "protective film" is multifunctional because:

- it prevents the surface from being polluted by dust, it prevents graffiti sticking to the base

- it has a hydrophobic effect - it repels water, it is washable, it prevents impurities from settling

CETRIS particleboard fire soffit with a resistance of 45 minutes

During the reconstruction of part of the St.Ann hospital area in Brno, 3 new corridors have arisen at different height levels. The soffits are always designed as a suspended construction sheathed by two layers of CETRIS BASIC cement bonded particleboard, with a thickness of 12 mm.

The entire composition of the soffit including thermal insulation reaches the fire resistance level EI 45 DP1. The CETRIS BASIC boards will remain without surface treatment, while the joints between the boards have been filled with fireproof putty.

The soffits are made by Thermo Solutions Brno.

More pictures can be seen here..

We appreciate our environment

Since we are not indifferent to which environment we live and work in, we actively participate in one of the largest environmental projects in the Czech Republic - the EKO-KOM packaging waste sorting and recycling system.

71% of the population participated in this project last year and we are proud to have been part of them. It was also thanks to us that greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced and a large amount of energy has been saved.

Greenhouse gas production has been reduced because of our contribution: CO2 emission equivalent 25.52 tonnes, which represents an energy saving of 610.87 GJ.


CETRIS LASUR - modern appearance of the facade

Last year, we expanded our range of boards with surface treatment with a new kind CETRIS® LASUR. At the moment, following CETRIS BASIC boards, these boards have become the best selling product, which pleases us on the one hand as well as obliges us.

CETRIS® LASUR panel boards are boards with a non-traditional surface treatment - a semi-covering glazing paint which makes an elegant and colourful semi covering effect on the board, due to which they have become very popular with customers

In the case of CETRIS® cement bonded particleboard sheathing, there is often a combination of different facade facings. That was also the case of the facade of a plant for the production of oak parquets in Kunčice.

More pictures of the building, distinguished by the combination of wood and CETRIS LASUR boards (shade 006) can be seen  here...

Resistance to wood-damaging fungi

CETRIS® cement bonded particleboard is a wood-based board material However, it surpasses other boards thanks to its high utility properties. It is non-combustible (classified to A2-s1,d0 reaction to fire), resistant to humidity and among others, resistant to wood-damaging fungi

In the case of floor and ceiling constructions or roof decking, CETRIS® cement bonded particleboard is also used during reconstructions - it replaces damaged wooden facings and fillings attacked by fungi or humidity.

During the durability test according to the ČSN EN 15 083-1 standard against wood-damaging fungi, samples of CETRIS® board were exposed to the effects of wood-damaging fungi. After 8 months, there was a considerable weight reduction in the reference samples (over 30%). There was no damage to the CETRIS® board, and the weight reduction was minimal (up to 0.3%). Based on these tests, the CETRIS® board was classified in the highest durability class 1 - very durable.

Brand new DVD

We have prepared for you a brand new DVD with all the required information on CETRIS boards. Thus, you will keep all the information you need at a single place within your reach.

On the DVD, you will find not only technical data on the boards, their properties and strengths, but also reference construction projects and current price lists.

We may send you the DVD for free by post; just call the number +421 724 301 191 or write to us at the following email address

New CETRIS LASUR board colour

In response to an increased demand by designers and architects, we have included in our offer a new CETRIS LASUR board tinge.

The existing six standard tinges have thus been added to by the seventh, dark grey, with a fitting "Bond-esque" designation 007.

You may see the seven tinges here.

The product's technical data sheet may be downloaded here.

For detailed information on the new CETRIS LASUR boards, go here.

Ivan Hlinka Ice Stadium

Under the renovation project involving the stands at the Ivan Hlinka Ice Stadium in Litvínov, CETRIS BASIC cement bonded particle boards with a thickness of 12 mm were used.

The fire engineering requirement pursuant to EI 30 DP 1 was addressed by using a certified and tested composition of the so-called one-sided shelled wall. Two layers of CETRIC BASIC cement bonded particle boards were fixed to the face side of a simple steel frame structure. All joints between the boards and the adjacent structures were sealed with a fire sealant.

The strength of the CETRIS BASIC cement bonded particle boards used consists, among other things, in their resistance to humidity, which eliminates the need for any additional surface treatment/coat applications. The first stage of the project involving the shelling of the partition walls at the eastern stand was trusted to ELA Litvínov, spol. s.r.o.; the surface of the shelling is 700 m2.

For more photos showing this and other projects, go here...

A new package of particleboards with surface adjustment

We pack newly the cement bonded particleboards with surface adjustment into a special stream permeable foil JUTADACH 115.

It is a foil with compact diffusion membrane composed of layers of special nonwoven textiles with an internal layer ensuring quality water impermeability.

Due to the input raw material, the membranes have a very long shelf life. The membranes are not subject to rotting, moulds or pests and they are harmless to health.

New façade system tests

We conduct tests and reviews of façade systems from CETRIS cement bonded particleboards within certification according to ETAG 034. Class of reaction to fire is one of the declared properties.

In order to classify the both façade systems (VARIO and PLANK) offered by us, tests were conducted in FIRES Batizovce testing department according to EN 13823:2002 The single burning item test (SBI).

On the basis of these tests, the façade systems made of CETRIS cement bonded particleboards were classified into class A2.

Its additional classification according to the production of smoke is s1, according to flaming droplets (particles) is d0, it means the classification after adjustment is A2- s1,d0.

This classification is valid for all types and thicknesses of CETRIS particleboards (except for CETRIS DEKOR).

A new stand in the building materials store

We have prepared for you a new stand intended for stores with building materials, show rooms and business centres.
On the stand you will find all kinds of CETRIS particleboards and different systems of use. Therefore you can watch the particleboards with your own eyes and get the information needed.

You may find the stands by our salesmen and contractual partners.


CETRIS® DEKOR is a cement bonded particleboard 12 and 14 mm thick, dimensions 1250 x 625 mm, with a decorative acrylic mosaic plaster.

The CETRIS® DEKOR boards are delivered in four colours according to a colour chart. If buying larger quantities, it is possible to deliver CETRIS® DEKOR boards in other thicknesses and colours after consultation with the producer.

The boards should be used predominantly as exterior facade boards for vertical lining of plinths, facades, railing panels or roof soffits.

For more informations click here...

Switch to YouTube Channel

Tune in to a completely new Internet channel ! !

Click here to CETRIS YouTube channel and watch a video about our company and our products .

You will certainly benefit from videos demonstrating the installation of flooring systems or comparative
 resistance   tests of different kinds of boards that are currently on the market .

New catalogue "Reference constructions and applications" 2013


opinion here...  

Box with samples of CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards

In response to the constantly rising demand for samples of our products, we have prepared a brand new box with samples of all types of CETRIS cement bonded particleboards for our customers, architects, designers, trading companies, and students.

Among other items, the box contains this year’s novelty, the CETRIS LASUR cement bonded particleboard, as well as samples of CETRIS PD and CETRIS PDB floor boards, CETRIS FINISH and CETRIS PROFIL FINISH facade finish boards, and other products.

We will send you the box free of charge by mail upon request by telephone at +420 724 301 191 or by e-mail at

Invitation to BAU 2013

We cordially invite you to the BAU 2013 International Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, which will be held on 14-19 January 2013 in Munich, Germany. You will find us at booth no. 441 in Pavilion A2.
At the fair we will be presenting all of our products, including a number of new items.

On display will be a new type of CETRIS ® LASUR cement bonded particleboard in several colours as well as the new CETRIS ® PDI floating floor.

Board samples, a new DVD-ROM and all brochures will be available. Our technicians will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

We look forward to meeting with you.

New CETRIS PDI Floor Board

CETRIS PDI floor boards are hot news in flooring systems. They are a sandwich board designed for dry floating floor technology consisting of a 22 mm CETRIS cement bonded particle board and a 12 mm insulation fibreboard. The 1120 x 610 mm board has a tongue and groove attachment on its sides; the surface is smooth. The boards are designed for application on a flat, even surface (ceiling structures, floor over joists). They offer the benefit of fast, easy, and accurate installation. Another benefit is the distribution of the spot operating load over larger areas.

Hot novelty – CETRIS® LASUR

CETRIS® LASUR is a cement bonded particle board with coloured primer paint and acrylic varnish glazing as the top coat. The offer includes six basic colour tones; they are available here.

The coating of CETRIS® LASUR boards is resistant to weather effects, wear and UV radiation.

The basic size of the board is 3350 x 1250 mm. We provide the same services as for the CETRIS® BASIC boards. CETRIS® LASUR boards are designed for ventilated facade systems.

Click here for more information

New composition of fire-resistant wall structures with CETRIS® boards

Although expert studies, practical tests and experience from real life prove that wooden houses do not burn as much as they are often attributed, high flammability is a frequent argument against houses built of wood.

The cement bonded CETRIS® particleboards are included in the fire resistance class A2-s1, d0 – they are thus fireproof.

CETRIS® boards for acoustic panelling

When designing, projecting or building structural frames, spatial acoustic parameters are often neglected; they indicate noise propagation in rooms and buildings. Evaluation of spatial acoustic characteristics is important mainly in areas used for delivery of spoken word, music and recording of sound signal. It is also important in sports halls, theatres, cinemas, classrooms, lecture-rooms, gyms, railway stations and airport halls.

When compared to other acoustic boards, application of a cement bonded particleboard CETRIS® AKUSTIC or CETRIS® AKUSTIC FINISH provides high resistance against mechanical puncture (e.g. with a ball) and moisture while providing a high level of fire resistance (A1-s1, d0).

You can see application of acoustic panelling with cement bonded particleboard CETRIS AKUSTIC in photographs here ...

New leaflet IMAGE CETRIS 2011

We have created a new leaflet for you with a complete overview of all kinds of  CETRIS cement bonded particleboards.

You can have a look at the leaflet on our pages, we are pleased to send you a printed copy on request.

We have acquired the PEFC certificate

On 16 May 2011 we became holders of the certificate proving the compliance of the PEFC process of consumer chain of wood based products (Chain of Custody) with the requirements of the PEFC Czech Republic standard.

The PEFC is a most frequent worldwide system of certification of permanently sustainable forest management. By acquiring this certificate we manifest that we are not indifferent to our environment and behave responsibly and carefully towards our wildlife.

The company assumes obligations ensuing from a technical document CFCS 2002:2011 - consumer network of wood within the PEFC standard.

New vented facade on the CETRIS administrative block

The administrative building of the CETRIS division has undergone principal changes.

The works on the new vented facade featuring the CETRIS® FINISH VARIO system cement bonded particleboards commenced in March and the facade is nearly finished.

The colour design is based on our company's colours.

We only have to do some minor finishing works and deal with the green around the building.

This project has been realized with financial participation of European Union.

Image on the 20th anniversary of the formation of the division

We are grateful to all visitors of our booth at the 16th International Building Fair.

You helped us create a unique work of art, a so-called "time documentary" on the 20th anniversary of the formation of our division.

Next pictures here... 

2011 Product of the year


The CETRIS division's innovation - CETRIS® AKUSTIC FINISH cement bonded particleboard competed for the prestigious award 2011 Product of the Year. Despite the tough competition of all entrants we won the award of honour.

This was the fifth year of this nation-wide competition focusing on building development products, materials and system solutions held by the National Building Centre in Brno and the VEGA, spol. s r. o. publishing house.

information about CETRIS AKUSTIC FINISH available here... 

We prepare a biomass boiler facility

At present, the preparations for the building of the new biomass boiler facility have reached their climax.

The heat from this modern and, above all, environment friendly boiler house will be used to dry and harden the CETRIS® cement bonded particleboards.


Alignment template - system VARIO

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Alignment template - system PLANK

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